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"Everything was perfect, except that I missed the benefits/privileges that my husband and I enjoyed with Davis Vision (under the New York City Employment Retirement System) that Focus used to provide until its move to its current location at Union Street. That makes a lot of difference for me and my husband. We wish we can still avail of Davis Vision's services right at the Focus office since we do not want to change eye medical service providers anymore at this stage of our lives."

Louisianag S.

"The Dr and staff are very nice and friendly the only issue I had was that the wait time was a bit excessive."

Bryans H.

"Always clean and neat and to the point. Thank you!"

Cynthian L.

"I would like to start by saying that the staff are extremely professional and the office is clean and organized. I arrived late and a member of the staff asked the Dr. if she could still see me. The answer was yes. I was late traveling from work in NYC. Dr. Feldbaum-Smith was patient and took time to answer the questions that I had as well as explain my test results. The technician who gave the tests was also very polite and courteous."

Yvonneh H.

"He's quick. He's friendly. And, best of all, his work fascinates him, which benefits the client. Anyone can make mistakes, and that includes me. He forgot to include my prism specifications on my prescription, but we were able to catch the omission in time, before ordering new eyewear. I have enjoyed seeing him throughout the years and look forward to benefiting from his expertise in years ahead."

Richardc W.

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