How Neurolenses Can Relieve Digital Eyestrain

Digital devices have become a ubiquitous feature of daily life in the modern age. The devices have caused a revolution in communication and work. But they also lead to a rise in digital eyestrain. One solution to this problem is Neurolenses. 

What Is Digital Eyestrain?

Digital eyestrain is a condition resulting from the prolonged use of digital devices. Its symptoms include eyestrain and headaches. You may also experience dry eyes and blurred vision. 

Individuals with digital eyestrain can have difficulty focusing. They also get neck and shoulder pain. These symptoms can be exacerbated by poor lighting and improper viewing distances.

The root cause of digital eyestrain is a misalignment between the eyes and brain. When you look at digital devices, your eyes must work harder to focus and converge. The effort can cause muscle strain and fatigue, leading to digital eyestrain symptoms.

What Are Neurolenses?

Neurolenses are a type of eyeglass lenses that incorporate advanced prism technology. Their design addresses the misalignment between the eyes and the brain. They provide a customized prescription to correct the degree of eye misalignment found. 

How Do Neurolenses Work?

Neurolenses use small amounts of prism in the lenses to correct eye misalignment. The prisms in the lenses help align the eyes, reducing the effort required to focus and converge. It results in reduced symptoms of digital eyestrain.

A Neurolens provider will perform a neurofunctional eye exam to determine the degree of eye misalignment. The provider will use a specialized device to measure eye movement and coordination. They will use the results to determine the degree of eye misalignment and prescribe Neurolenses customized to your needs.

Benefits of Neurolenses

Neurolenses offer relief from digital eyestrain symptoms. They correct eye misalignment to relieve headaches and neck pain. They come with a customized prescription based on the degree of eye misalignment, allowing for a more accurate and effective correction.
Neurolenses provide improved comfort during prolonged digital device use. They enhance visual acuity and reduce the need for excessive eye movements in order to maintain focus. Neurolenses help prevent future problems by correcting eye misalignment. These include amblyopia and strabismus.

Who Can Benefit From Neurolenses?

Neurolenses can benefit anyone who experiences digital eyestrain or eye misalignment. It includes individuals who spend significant amounts of time using digital devices. Neurolenses can also help individuals with preexisting eye conditions, including strabismus and amblyopia.

How to Get Neurolenses

You should first consult a Neurolens provider. They are professionals with specialized training in the neurofunctional exam and technology. During the consultation, the provider will perform a neurofunctional exam. Its purpose is to determine the degree of eye misalignment. It will help identify other vision problems to determine if Neurolenses are suitable for you. 

If you are, your provider will take measurements and order customized lenses. Once the lenses are ready, the individual will return for a fitting. It will help ensure proper alignment and vision correction.

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