Blue Light Lenses for Digital Screen Protection

Do you feel tired or get dry eyes after a long day of using a computer? If you do, you are not alone.

So many people get eye problems due to staring at a screen for long hours. This is because digital screens produce or emit blue light, which causes digital eye strain. Blue light can cause you to have watery or dry eyes, and sometimes, it can alter your sleep schedule.


What Is Blue Light?


Blue light is emitted by smartphone screens, computer screens, and also the sun. In addition, blue light can also be produced by fluorescent lamps and LED. It is the highest wavelength energy of visible light, meaning it can penetrate even to the back of your eyes.

Blue light is essential in maintaining your moods, boosting your alertness, and maintaining a sharp memory. However, it can be harmful to your eyes if you get exposed to it for long hours. Blue light can cause severe eye conditions later in life, such as macular degeneration, which might cause permanent loss of vision.

Blue light can be more harmful to children since their eyes are still developing. Children don’t have enough protective pigments to protect their eyes from the damaging blue light. Therefore, it is vital to consult an optometrist to guide you on protecting your eyes from blue light.

Among the many ways to protect your eyes from digital eye strain, blue light lenses are one of them. Blue light lenses are designed to filter the harmful blue light, thus protecting your eyes from potential damage.


Why Do You Need the Blue Light Lenses?


Here are some of the reasons why you should use blue light glasses to protect your eyes from blue light.

  • Blue Light Is Everywhere

    • While blue light is emitted by televisions, smartphones, computer screens, and LED lighting, the sun is the primary source of blue light. Therefore, as much as you can avoid spending too much time staring at a screen, there is no way to avoid the sun. You get exposed to the sun every time you go out, and it is not possible to stay all the time indoors. With blue light lenses, you can go out comfortably and use a digital screen without straining.

  • Protects You From Severe Eye Problems

    • Blue light can cause you to have severe problems later in life, such as age macular degeneration. These problems can become worse and cause you to have permanent loss of vision. But, with blue light lenses, you minimize the exposure of blue light to your eyes, reducing these risks.

  • Reduces Eyestrain

    • Currently, most people have to use computers all day long to do their jobs. It is therefore impossible to avoid using a screen. With the right blue light lenses prescribed by your doctor, you can minimize the headaches, dry eyes, and discomfort caused by too much exposure to digital screens.

Be sure to consult your optometrist on the best lenses to use, be it for outdoor or indoor purposes. Also, you can choose the frame of your choice to help you feel comfortable and at ease in front of people.

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