Benefits of Neurolens

Binocular Vision Dysfunction, better known as BVD, is a very common visual issue that occurs when the line of sight for one eye is found to be slightly out of alignment with the line of sight from the other eye. The misalignment experiences in BVD are usually vertical, but in some rare cases can be horizontal. As a result, the eye muscles are forced to work much harder than usual in order to get the eyes working in perfect synchronization – and it is the strain on them that causes many of the symptoms associated with BVD. 


If you are suffering from Binocular Vision Dysfunction, then you may be recommended to try Neurolens. Neurolens is currently the only successful solution that provides virtually immediate relief from the symptoms of Binocular Vision Dysfunction. This is achieved using a bespoke glasses lens prescription, which is unique in that as well as your normal prescription for near/far-sightedness or astigmatism, it also contains a specific amount of contoured micro-prism. This micro-prism works by moving the images so that they are aligned in the same plane, reducing pressure on the muscles around the eyes so that the symptoms of BVD are reduced. 


How is the Amount of Prism in Neurolens Lenses Decided?


The Neurolens eye tracking device is used to measure the degree of misalignment of the patient’s vision at both near and far distances. This state-of-the-art system works completely painlessly, with patients focusing on a single point while the device takes measurements that are accurate to one-hundredth of a diopter of the prism. The results of this assessment form the basis for your original Neurolens prescription. It may then be necessary to tweak the prescription several times to achieve the clearest vision. 


What are the Benefits of Neurolens?


The primary benefit of Neurolens is that this treatment helps to eliminate the uncomfortable, debilitating, and even some embarrassing symptoms of Binocular Vision Dysfunction that could be affecting the quality of your day to day life. These include:

  • Reduced double vision.

  • Improved co-ordination and better small and gross motor function.

  • Finding it easier to read for longer, and without losing your place or skipping lines.

  • Fewer headaches/migraines.

  • Reduced eye strain.

  • Less sensitivity to light. 

  • Improved depth perception. 

  • Reduction in neck, shoulder, and upper back pain. 

  • Improved ability to cope with large spaces, such as malls and big stores, as well as large crowds of people.

  • Less anxiety when in uncomfortable situations. 

  • Reduction/elimination of motion sickness. 


Patients who choose Neurolens treatment may see a 50% improvement in their vision as soon as they start to have micro-prism incorporated into their prescription lenses. However, with careful adjustments by your provider, many patients see as much as an 80% reduction in the symptoms of BVD. 




If you would like more information about Binocular Vision Dysfunction or Neurolens treatment, our knowledgeable team would be happy to help. Please contact our office in Hackensack, NJ to schedule an appointment.