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New Contacts for Clear Distance & Reading

            I don’t know about you, but in my opinion the best part of wearing contact lenses is that you’re not wearing glasses. So as eyecare professionals, we hate hearing patients say “I can’t wear contacts because I have a prescription for distance and for reading”. It used to be the case that we could fit a patient with contact lenses for distance and for up close activities they would need to put a pair of reading glasses on over to have clear vision, but thankfully this is no longer the case. Today there is a wide-range of multifocal soft contact lens options that provide clarity from reading to computer to distance while also staying comfortable.

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Traditional distance only contacts

The newest multifocal contact lens technology is available at Focus Eye Health & Vision Care and it’s the Acuvue 1 Day Moist for Presbyopia. It has the comfort and convenience of a daily disposable contact lens with the newest advances in multifocal contact lens correction. This lens was engineered to take pupil size and prescription correction into account resulting in 183 unique designs – with this lens it’s no longer “one size fits all”. With all those possible combinations we are confident that we can get you crisp distance and reading vision in a contact lens that’s comfortable and healthy for your eyes.









          Clear distance/computer/reading with a Multifocal contact

We might not be able to roll the hands of time back and make your eyes 20 again, but we can get your vision pretty darn close! Stop by today and ask if a multifocal contact lens could provide you with the range of vision you’ve been missing!

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