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New Lens Technology to help Digital Eye Strain

Our world has shifted so that most of our visual world occurs within arm’s length.  From reading emails on our iPhones, to watching TV and reading books on our iPad/Kindles, to working all day at our desktop computers/lap tops, most waking hours are spent on some type of digital device which create visual demands our eyes aren’t equip to handle.  eye digital dayThese digital demands can cause symptoms of blurred vision, tired eyes, headaches, dryness, fatigue, and even neck strain.


Think about it, you wake up in the morning and the first thing you do is check your email, CNN, or Facebook updates on your phone. You then go to work where you spend 8+hrs on the computer causing your eyes to feel dry and fatigued while your neck begins to hurt. Finally you head home where you watch TV on your iPad or spend hours on Pinterest.



Standard glasses may not provide you the relief your eyes require.  That’s why at Focus we offer the Zeiss Digital Lens. This lens is meant to help patients of all age ranges, especially those 25-45 who use their mobile phones and tablets all day every day. These lenses have a boost of power that helps eye focus faster for up-close activities and the prescription power is calculated to optimize viewing digital devices.

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For patients who are already in progressive lenses, even though traditional lenses have a spot for intermediate vision, you may still find that it’s a small area which requires you to tilt your head back to obtain clear vision. Trying to look through this small portion while tilting your chin up for 8hrs day can definitely cause you to leave your office feeling discomfort and fatigue.  The Zeiss Officelens offers a larger portion of the lens for computer and near work while still allowing you to see across the room, perfect for business meetings or presentations where you need to switch frequently from near to intermediate to distance viewing quickly without sacrificing clarity.inset office
















Digital Devices are here to stay with new updates in technology happening every second. Come in to Focus and let us fit you with a Zeiss Digital Lens that can help your eyes keep up with your digital life.

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