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New Exam Technology Creates Customized Prescriptions

     Everything today is customizable down to your Starbucks Grande half caff, soy milk, no foam, caramel drizzle (not caramel swirl) latte, so why not your prescription eyeglasses? The human eye is one of the most complex systems in your body and each eye is unique not only in terms of prescription but in how light specifically enters the eye and is focused. No eye is perfect, so when light enters the eye and is focused it can become distorted and creates what we call aberrations; each eye has a specific fingerprint of aberrations. Aberrations can produce vision errors such as difficulty seeing at night, glare, halos around lights, blurring, starburst patterns, or even double vision. These distortions, or aberrations, are increased at night since more light is required to see in dim illumination. A regular prescription created in a dark room while saying “better one, better two?” does not correct for these types of individualized aberrations.

1 iProfiler Plus CMYK 500

     Here at Focus, we pride ourselves on having the newest technology and that includes the Zeiss i.Profilerplus® which analyzes more than 2,500 reference points within your eye including taking measurements of dilated pupils under low-light vision conditions and provides us with an extremely detailed vision profile of your specific aberrations.

The i.Scription technology than uses the information gathered from the examination with the i.Profilerplus in addition to our professional measurements to produce an extremely precise prescription that matches your unique vision challenges, taking your specific aberrations into account and compensating for them. The subsequent lenses are refined to an accuracy far higher than traditional eyeglass lenses in steps of 1/100, compared to traditional prescriptions which are only made in 1/4 steps. It’s almost like having your own personalized HD vision prescription created specifically for your eyes.


And this customized prescription is available with all the lens add-ons that you already love such as Anti-Glare and Transitions to become sunglasses outside. Come in today to experience an eye exam with this state of the art technology and achieve your best possible vision.


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